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As 2015 begins, many are curious about Year of the Sheep predictions and how these will affect their own lives. Some zodiac signs will be luckier than others during the year, expecting to get much in terms of wealth, romance and personal development.

1. Snake

Snakes can expect a year of mobility, which means that they will be traveling much in the Year of the Wooden Ram. Your financial situation is expected to be good. Snakes, however, need to be cautious about surgeries and deaths in the family.

2. Tiger

Tigers will be dealing a lot with people in 2015. You will get a lot of help from people, which can ease difficult situations, based on a report by Paul Ng. Constant dealings might cause conflict with some individuals too.

3. Rooster

2015 Year of the Sheep predictions who that roosters will be in for a lot of money-making. It will be good for both business and health for roosters but they have to watch out for the health of elderly family members.

4. Sheep

Because it is also the Year of the Sheep, there will be collision among Sheep people. Sheep people will be among the unluckiest in 2015 and will most likely be lonely. Paul Ng advised that Sheep people stay safe and avoid gambling, greed and unhealthy health practices.

5. Rat

Rats will expect luck in terms of romance and education in 2015. Year of the Sheep predictions also show that Rat people might get involved in conflict with their partner.

6. Rabbit

Rabbits are compatible with sheep so you can expect good relations and wider authority among people. It will be a good year to expand but be wary of surgery and accidents.

7. Ox

Ox people will be unlucky because they are incompatible with sheep. There might be money or legal conflicts. You should also stay away from accidents and drive safely.

8. Monkey

Monkeys will have a good year for business and career pursuits. It is a good time to expand. Your love life, however, may not be very good.

9. Horse

Horses can expect much help from the people around them. They will also have spiritual opportunities, 2015 Year of the Sheep predictions show but they have to work more towards good health.

10. Dog

It will not be very lucky for dogs. Expect a lot of conflict, particularly in the field of law. However, those who are involved in law might find a few benefits during the year.

11. Dragon

You can expect luck in wealth. Invest in your communication and spiritual traits but be careful about saying the wrong words to people.

12. Boar

Boars will be lucky in 2015 according to Year of the Sheep predictions. You will enjoy good wealth, good health and a spiritual connection, based on a report by