'The 100'
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There is a lot of romance and drama in store for the fans in “The 100” season 6. Bellarke is back, with Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) taking on the leadership role of the group together. But first, they have to work through some things.

In a recent interview with TVGuide, show creator and Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg teased that season 6 will start with “a little bit of reckoning” for Clarke and Bellamy. One of the things that the two characters have to work through is the fact that Clarke left Bellamy to die in the previous season.

While Bellamy and Clarke will have to go through some uncomfortable questions in the nest season, they will not dwell on it too much. Rothenberg revealed that the two characters will turn the page on those events. When they are on the same page, “good things” will happen, the producer teased.

While Bellamy and Clarke have gotten together in the past too, there have been situations that have pulled them apart eventually. The same may not happen in the next season, at least not in the near future. Commenting on the events in the next season, Morley said that the focus will be on healing.

The emotional healing and building of the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke should come as good news to Bellarke fans. Taylor too teased her character getting back together with Bellamy by saying that the two characters will pair up as the leaders of the group in the next season, which she described as “cool.”

The duo will have a big responsibility in season 6. "They're basically having to wake people from cryo-sleep and catch them up to watch happened and basically very lightly explain to them that we're on an entirely different planet and that Monty and Harper are gone," Taylor said.