Fantastic Beasts
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Claudia Kim is playing Nagini in “Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald.” The character plays an important role later in the “Harry Potter” movies, but at the time of the casting of this role the actors didn’t know they were auditioning for this particular character. In a recent interview, Kim shared some details about what it was like to audition for this role.

According to a report by EntertainmentWeekly, the only thing that the actors knew at the time of the audition was that the producers were casting a character who had a blood curse. It was only later that the actors were told that the role was Nagini.

Kim is a fan of the franchise who has read all the books and watched all the movies. When she was told that she was going to play Nagini, she was speechless for a few moments, realising the significance of her character, the actress revealed.

During the audition, Kim was asked to show her interpretation of how her character would turn into a snake. The actress said that she felt a lot of insecurity at that time, but she had to trust her instincts when she gave her performance.

The role was Kim’s to lose because the casting team had already taken a liking to her after she read a scene from the film earlier. That scene was the emotional moment in the movie where Nagini succumbs to the final transformation because of her blood curse.

“Claudia read it in a more moving way than anyone else. She had a dignity, strength and a vulnerability,” Director David Yates said about the reading of the blood curse scene.

Fellow cast member Ezra Miller (Credence), whose character becomes friends with Nagini in the upcoming film, also praised Kim’s performance. The actor said that the fans will get their heads blown off after seeing the tragic tale of the snake that will one day become the pet of a dangerous wizard.