Police have offered a million dollars for information regarding the murder of Albert Pisani, last seen in 1986.

The 27-year-old from eastern Victoria was last seen on Oct 10, 1986. In June 1987, his remains were found in a shallow grave in the Moe area.

Carol Ward, the sister of the victim, hopes $1 million will help the family know more about Pisani’s murder. However, she is not sure if anyone will come forward with information.

Ward calls her brother as the “much-loved” one in the family. She said she was not sure why nobody had come up with information in 29 years.

"I don't know why nobody's come forward, but I hope somebody does come forward and give us some piece of mind," AAP quoted the sister as saying. "He was my eldest brother, and was much loved by his family."

According to Detective Sergeant Dave Butler, multiple people were involved in the murder. The detective from the Victoria Police Missing Person's Squad said people should step up and give the resolution to the Pisani family which had been looking for answers for long.

Police officers disclosed that a number of people in the locality are aware of what happened to Pisani 29 years back. Pisani worked for the State Electricity Commission.

"Our enquiries so far lead us to believe some of these people may be living in Ballarat and Tasmania and we're encouraging them to contact police," the detective said.

According to the detective, 29 years is a long time for people to get more mature. Some people may have a different motivation now and want to talk to police about what happened to Pisani.

The Department of Public Prosecutions may grant indemnity for someone with information about the identity of the people involved.

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