The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
A screenshot from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Legend of Zelda/Facebook

“Zelda Breath of the Wild” has been out for only more than a month, but a player has already succeeded in doing a 100 percent speedrun of the game. Although most speedruns end in less than an hour, this game’s run took more than two days because of strict requirements to achieve full completion.

It was Twitch user Xalikah who managed to finish the game at 100 percent. It took him exactly 49 hours, nine minutes and 41 seconds before he could fulfill all requirements needed for perfect completion.

Xalikah broadcasted the 50-hour straight gameplay live at his Twitch channel where the time was officially recorded. He also uploaded a part-by-part video on his YouTube channel where each video is more than two hours long.

The streamer currently owns the world record for the fastest speedrun of the game, since no one else has attempted what he did. All things he had to to achieve 100 percent completion of the game include the following:

  • Acquire all heart upgrades, stamina upgrades and all 120 shrines
  • Complete all main quests, side quests and shrine quests
  • Collect all 900 Korok Seeds, climbing every tower and discovering every named location
  • Acquire all dungeon rewards, Kilton medals, bridels, saddles, Hestu’s Gift, Confidential Envelope, Shiekah Slate+ and other key items
  • Full upgrade to the specific armor sets: Champion’s Tunic, Zora Armor Set, Wild Armor Set and Thunder Helm
  • Max out every Rune
  • Take pictures of all the animals, monsters, treasures, items and etc. to complete the Hylian compendium

‘Zelda Breath of the Wild' speedrun world record

Any requirement needed to reach 100 percent is considered difficult since the game has just been out for more than a month. They are indeed achievable, but finishing them in a span of 50 hours is close to impossible, which is why what Xalikah did was impressive.

Other players might attempt to beat Xalikah’s record, but it might take them a couple of tries before they can. “Zelda Breath of the Wild” requires an extremely vast knowledge of the game for it to be finished that fast. Considering that it is an open-world title, the map is so huge that players have to memorize it before playing. They would need to do so to easily move from one area to another.