Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Speaks During Her Keynote Address at the Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks during her keynote address at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada in this file photo taken January 7, 2014. REUTERS

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has set aggressive plans to confront Google head on by convincing Apple to make Yahoo the default search engine in the iPad and iPhone's Safari Web browser. She is well backed up by Adam Cahan, senior vice president for mobile and product search department of Yahoo, and already supported by a longtime acquaintance inside Apple and some of its executives.

Marissa Mayer, resident in San Francisco, California, is the current president and CEO of Yahoo since July 16, 2012. She was also known to have worked with Google for 13 years before transferring to Yahoo. Interesting facts are, while she was in Google, Mayer had major roles in the development of Google's Search, Images, News, Maps, Gmail and more.

Currently, Google is set as the default search engine for Apple devices for many years now. Apple benefits from this service, as it is being paid by Google about $1 billion or more yearly for Internet traffic driven to its servers and other advertisements.

In most recent reports, Mayer has definitely already set plans to persuade Apple Inc to change its default Google search engine to Yahoo in its devices. Cahan is working closely with Mayer in her proposed plans.

This business initiative by Mayer is one of her ways to revitalise Yahoo's name, which took a decline in the past few years when Google started rising. One of the few pieces of evidence for this is when "Two thousand people losing their jobs is just the worst kind of news and for Yahoo, it's a culmination of years of decline," wrote Lance Ulanoff in Mashable.

But, again, with Mayers' plans already set in motion, Yahoo's course may change should she succeed in convincing Apple executives.

Mayer's efforts and plans couldn't be counted as far-fetched if rivaled against Google at the moment. As Mayer has been a part of Google before, she has managed to acquire support from longtime acquaintances with Apple executives. Reports from Recode say that Jonathan Ive will support her pitch in convincing Apple of her plans. Ive, who plays a huge role in Apple's strategy, products engineering and design, has known Mayer back in her Google days.

Having one, two or more support inside Apple could give Mayer an advantage in her plans. With this in hand, Mayer's plans are said to be already in developed phases, along with an appealing pitch ready for Apple executives.

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