The Xbox One controller is pictured at the Microsoft Games exhibition stand during the Gamescom 2013 fair in Cologne August 21, 2013
The Xbox One controller is pictured at the Microsoft Games exhibition stand during the Gamescom 2013 fair in Cologne, August 21, 2013 Reuters/Ina Fassbender

Xbox users can get an improved video streaming experience with the new Beam dashboard. The new update will also provide Xbox One players with a more streamlined interface.

The new Beam dashboard allows PC players and console players to have a platform to connect with one another. The system also allows players to stream gameplay directly on the console.

This gives way for players to try video streaming for the first time. The dashboard makes it easier to connect and engage with viewers. The application comes with buttons that toggle chat and microphone availability, among other options.

This application will be released on April 11 alongside the console's update. Creators of content using Windows 10 PCs and the console can use the Boom without having to install any software, or buying extra hardware.

Aside from the Boom dashboard, the Xbox One will also get new tweaks to its basic features. For instance, the Home page now has an updated appearance.

The Home's User Interface was modified in order to optimise the content for players to access. Gamers who currently do not have a background picture will have the system choose one for them. The automatic background is the hero of the game players are currently playing.

There is now an option to click a small icon that brings players to the community of certain games. There are specific buttons for viewing Achievements, and there is a separate button for interacting with members of Clubs.

Meanwhile, the Guide is also placed as an overlay on the left side of the screen. Most of the system's features can be accessed in this part of the console. The first page of the Guide is dedicated for Games and Apps.

This portion of the screen also shows the latest deals for Xbox Live Gold Members, the music player and the camera. This allows players to easily manage controls of their music, take screenshots and record video.

Microsoft's Cortana is also available for multitasking purposes. Users can ask the smart assistant to set event reminders and manipulate certain aspects of the system.

Players can also set "screen time limits" for children using the console. This is a feature that is also available in the Windows 10 system. This allows parents to set a certain timeframe that allows children to play games within a limit. According to the Xbox website, this can help parents feel secure with the system.

The Xbox One was released on November 22, 2013. It is the improved version of the Xbox 360, and is the rival to Sony's PlayStation 4. The platform costs US$179 (AU$233).

Source: YouTube/Xbox