A screenshot of the "FlatOut 4: Total Insanity" game.

The “FlatOut 4: Total Insanity” release date in Australia will be soon. Players may have to think about purchasing this game.

The game has already been released in certain parts of the world. It was officially released on March 17. However, it has not received great reviews and ratings. The recently released game sequel apparently does not have any great addition compared to the previous instalment. Although the comments range from repetitive to salvaged gameplay, there were still some people who enjoyed the game.

10 new modes and more rewards

“FlatOut 4: Total Insanity” is another racing game that has taken inspiration from car competitions and destruction derbies. The players of the game do not only have to win the race, but they also have to inflict damage to other opponents. It is an arcade game that offers speed, nitroglycerine, destruction and stunts all-in-one.

The upcoming game includes 20 new tracks where players can unleash their craziness. New game modes such as Arena and Stunt modes offer both online and offline game that can be played with up to eight players. In addition to this, there are ten game modes that players can unlock. Furthermore, players can unlock numerous rewards and content, including 27 vehicles with customisation accessories like skins, sound effects and Nitro boost.

Why the game is a bit of a flop for some

Some reviews say that the game is a flop and is not worth buying. According to IGN, the biggest disappointment of the game was how repetitive the game was. It was explained that the Career mode offered in the game is broken into three tiers. In the beginning of the Career mode, players will be able to enter the derby class that consists of rusty and rolling wrecks. In addition to this, the game repeats the same tracks with the same car. Basically, there is nothing too spectacular about the Career mode.

The other modes also do not offer that much as the payouts are unacceptable since the winnings do not offer too much. Therefore, it is difficult to upgrade the vehicles in the game.

Release date and price

“FlatOut 4: Total Insanity” will be released on May 5 for both PS4 and Xbox One in Australia, according to Mighty Ape. On the other hand, EB Games will release the game on March 31 while the game was already released in other parts of the world on March 17. Although Mighty Ape’s availability will be much later than EB Games, it also offers the game cheaper. The former offers both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game for $75, while the latter offers it for $89.95.

Mighty Ape also offers a bundle for “FlatOut 4” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda” for $143.29, which basically offers both games at $71.64 each. This is in itself a great discount. The games are both for the PS4.