One of the first screenshots available for the Nintendo Switch version of "Disgaea 5." Disgaea.us

The “Disgaea 5 Complete” release date will be sometime in June. The game will be available to play on the Switch console.

The game’s full official site has recently gone live. It has gotten fans excited as the new site offers the full opening movie of the game as well as new screenshots. In the upcoming Switch version of the game, all of the DLC available for the PS4 will also be included.

Although the game has already arrived on the PS4 version, the Switch version will apparently be more complete. It will include things from the PS4 version as well as the DLC content available for it. However, players in the Switch version will not have to pay extra for the season pass and other DLC.

‘Disgaea 5 Complete’ characters, story and more

There will be ten characters in the game. This includes Killia, Seraphina, Usalia, Red Magnus, Christo, Zeroken, Void Dark, Majorita, Bloodis and Leizerota. These will be the main characters in the storyline of the upcoming game.

According to the storyline, a Netherworld has been taken over by Demon Emperor Void Dark and his army. However, another demon named Killia will be discovering and strengthening his powers to defeat Void Dark. He does this to avenge the destruction of other Netherworlds. Killia also saves Princess Overload Seraphina. The latter accompanies Killia in defeating Void Dark and his army.

In the opening movie trailer, developer NIS America shows Killia attempting to fight a whole flying army. The trailer also shows all the upcoming characters that may be help defeat Void Dark. Coupled with a new scenery and characters, the upcoming game will still show the players in the previous instalments of the game. However, they will not be playable characters. (See YouTube video below.)

Release date and price

“Disgaea 5 Complete” will be released on June 2 in Australia. The game is already available for pre-order on some online game retail sites like EB Games. Pre-ordering the game will cost fans $89.95 on the said online game retailer site. This game will be available earlier in the US and EU, according to the official site. It will be available on May 23 and 26 respectively.

According to Nintendo Everything, NIS America senior associate producer Alan Costa said, “Both versions are the same. However, the Switch version features all the DLC from the PS4 version. We will definitely be emphasising that all DLC can be found on the Switch version as well as highlighting that the game can be played at home or on the go.”

Source: YouTube/NIS America