“X Factor UK” contender Louisa Johnson has a mystery bug that almost cost her a spot in the competition’s semi-final round. The virus is also spreading with contender Lauren Murray and host Olly Murs also showing signs of a flu.

Johnson has a nasty virus that pushed the “X Factor UK” crew to put her in isolation, after Murray and Murs were said to exhibit flu symptoms, according to The Sun. The “X Factor UK” team has been handing out sanitiser gel and serving honey and water to help keep the sickness at bay. The other contenders were also told to stay in their rooms inside the “X Factor UK” house.

The 17 year old aspiring singer wasn’t at her best during the fifth live decider show held Saturday, Nov. 28. She told “X Factor UK” judge and showrunner Simon Cowell that she wasn’t feeling well after performing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”

Apart from “Love Yourself,” she also sang Labyrinth’s hit song “Jealous” during Saturday’s live show. Johnson admitted that she wasn’t sure how she survived the show given her condition. “I don’t know how I got through the show, it was pure adrenaline,” she whispered after her performance. “My throat is so sore. I can’t speak or sing.”

An insider told The Sun that the “X Factor UK” team has been concerned about Johnson’s condition and if she’ll be able to recover just in time for the semi-final round of the competition. “Louisa is putting on a brave face but she can hardly speak,” the source explained. “We’re worried she could be too ill to continue next week. We couldn’t give her a free pass to the final, there would be uproar.”

The source also shared that host Murs has been sick and that the “X Factor UK” team has been worried it may spread to others as well. “If any of the other contestants come down with the same thing we will really struggle. Olly is also sick and struggling. The bugs going round at the moment are really nasty.”

Meanwhile, Johnson took to Twitter on Monday, Nov. 30, to assure fans that she’s okay and that she’s not suffering from any illness. She wrote, “I have no illness. My voice just wasn’t at its peak this week. Semi finals lets get it.”

Johnson is not the first “X Factor UK” contender who fell ill during this year’s competition. Celina, a member of the ousted “X Factor UK” group 4th Impact has collapsed twice on the show. The youngest member of 4th Impact is already feeling better, according to the band’s Twitter message soon after the incident.

“X Factor UK” airs every Saturday and Sunday in the UK on ITV.

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