The fifth live show of “X Factor UK” held Saturday, Nov. 28, featured memorable jukebox performances from the show’s contenders. However, Che Chesterman made a mistake on stage when he forgot the lyrics to Adele’s hit “Hello.”

The “X Factor UK” contender mumbled through his jukebox performance during Saturday’s show, as he forgot the lyrics of “Hello’s” first verse, according to Standard. Chesterman improvised some of the lyrics, although he managed to recover during the chorus part of the song.

Most of the “X Factor UK” judges were sympathetic with his mistake and even applauded the aspiring singing sensation for pushing through with the performance. “X Factor UK” judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini commented how he “didn’t quit” and went on singing his “Hello” cover.

“This happens to the best of people,” she stated during Saturday’s show. “Stuff happens, okay.”

Rita Ora also made mention of Chesterman’s attempt to take on “an untouchable record” and even asked the “X Factor UK” audience to applaud the aspiring singer for his effort.

However, “X Factor UK” judge Simon Cowell was not as kind as Ora and Fernandez-Versini. He criticised Chesterman’s performance and commented that it should have been great given the song choice.

“It was a killer song,” he said after Chesterman’s “Hello” rendition. “It should’ve been a great performance - it wasn’t.”

According to Mirror, Cowell further commented on Chesterman’s appearance and style. The “X Factor UK” showrunner mentioned how Chesterman has “lost [his] way” and confidence.

"At this point in the competition, you've got to develop your own style... you look like you've just come from work,” he added.

Meanwhile, soon after his awkward performance, Chesterman took to Twitter to apologise to his “X Factor UK” fans. He wrote, “I ruined it... I am so sorry guys, I truly am!”

Despite Chesterman’s mistake during his jukebox performance, he still managed to land a spot in the competition’s final four list. Other “X Factor UK” contenders who made it to the top four included Louisa Johnson, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie and Lauren Murray.

“X Factor UK” airs every Saturday and Sunday on ITV in the UK.

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