After several weeks of battling it out, the top 3 grand finalists of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 took to the stage one last time on Monday, Nov. 23, to show judges and fans that they have the “X Factor” to become a star. The grand finalists gave their all with fan favourite Cyrus Villanueva impressing everyone with his show stopping performances.

Each of the top 3 “X-Factor Australia” grand finalists sang three songs during Monday’s live show. The first song had the grand finalists revisiting their audition pieces, the second was a song chosen by their mentors and the third is a potential debut track should they win “X-Factor Australia,” Yahoo 7 TV reports. Villanueva’s three final performances were all show stoppers as he delivered faultless renditions of two hit tracks and wowed audiences with his potential debut single.

Villanueva gave a powerful and moving rendition of Labrinth's "Jealous," a song chosen by his “X-Factor Australia” mentor Chris Isaak. Meanwhile, his potential debut single or “Winner’s Song” titled “Stone,” featured a catchy tune. The 19 year old aspiring singer also showed just how much he's improved when he sang his audition piece, The Weeknd’s “Earned It.” According to Rappler, “X-Factor Australia” judge Guy Sebastian was impressed with Villanueva’s rendition of the song and commented that the aspiring singer has really earned his spot in the competition’s final round.

“Very fitting that you would sing the lyrics 'earned it' and 'deserved it,'” he said. “Because you definitely earned your position on the finals.”

Villanueva’s mentor Isaak was all praises and was very proud of the aspiring Filipino Australia singer. He said during Monday’s “X-Factor Australia” live show that Villanueva “has The X Factor and tonight he’s going to prove it.”

Fans are also taking to Twitter to show their support for Villanueva. In the show’s official Twitter account, fans wrote “Cyrus for the win." Twitter user Kim@3921Eagles also stated, “CYRUS! I voted like 50 times!!! #TeamCyrus.”

Villanueva, who already shared his plans to expand his overseas exposure after the competition, was also very appreciative of the support that he has received all throughout “X-Factor Australia” season 7. He wrote on Twitter after Monday’s live show, “Regardless of what happens I am so grateful for everything I have been through. Sending out all my love. #xfactorau.”

The other “X-Factor Australia” grand finalists vying for the top spot, apart from Villanueva, are Louise Adams and the duo Jess & Matt.

The grand finals' decision night of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 airs on Tuesday, Nov. 24, at 7:30 p.m.

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