“X-Factor Australia” grand finalist Cyrus Villanueva spent a day touring Chris Isaak around his Wollongong hometown last week before preparing for the competition’s finale.

Villanueva took his “X-Factor Australia” mentor Isaak on a quick Wollongong tour last Wednesday, Nov. 18, where he and Isaak enjoyed the beach and other activities. The two spent part of their time in Villanueva's hometown, cooling down in the blue waters of Wollongong’s beach and surfing, reports The Daily Telegraph. The 19-year-old aspiring singer and his mentor even posed topless on the beach, both all smiles as they stood in front of their surf boards.

The “X-Factor Australia” season 7 grand finalist even told the Daily Telegraph that he “loved showing Chris around” his Wollongong hometown. Apart from an enjoyable time at the beach, Villanueva also took Isaak to visit his high school. The aspiring singer also held an exclusive concert at the Crown Street Mall in Wollongong Central.

The event was attended by Wollongong’s mayor Gordon Bradbery, along with other fans who caught the “Cyrus virus.” During the exclusive concert, Villanueva performed some of his hit renditions from the “X-Factor Australia” season 7 competition. His “X-Factor Australia” mentor Isaak also joined him on stage, where they both impressed the crowd with their guitar skills and singing performance. Villanueva was happy with the fans that came to see him during his Wollongong exclusive concert. He told the Daily Telegraph that the “turnout was amazing.”

Meanwhile, the aspiring singer has been busy preparing for the “X-Factor Australia” season 7 grand finals. Villanueva shared with Daily Telegraph that he’s “super excited” and “not nervous” with the upcoming finale of the competition.

“All the prep is going well,” he added. “I can’t wait. I’m just going to do everything that I can.”

In case Villanueva doesn’t win this year’s “X-Factor Australia,” the Filipino-Australian singer is already looking forward to the future, thinking of breaking out overseas, possibly in the Philippines or America.

“I already have a big fanbase in The Philippines because of my heritage,” he told Daily Telegraph. “There’s a big music culture there. I’d love to do America too, one day.”

Villanueva is just one of the three “X-Factor Australia” contenders who made it to the reality competition’s grand finals. He, along with Louise Adams and the singing duo Jess & Matt, are set to battle it out in the show’s final competition week.

The grand finals of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 will air on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 23-24 at 7:30 p.m.

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