WWE wrestlers Alberto Del Rio (L) and Roman Reigns participate during the WWE Survivor Series, a professional wrestling event at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. REUTERS/Tami Chappell

Braun Strowman won over Roman Reigns at WWE Payback, a highly physical encounter as expected. But that win may have come at a price with reports that the “Monster Among Men” suffered a torn rotator cuff.

News about Strowman’s alleged injury was first announced by WWE Raw general manager Kurt Angle. The WWE confirmed the announcement made by Angle via WWE.com, technically meaning both Strowman and Reigns will be moving forward with injuries. Or are they?

Reigns has been appearing as of late with an injury. Proof of that was a heavily bandaged upper body. The Braun Strowman injury comes a bit of a surprise though he was spotted spitting blood during their match at WWE Payback. It is still unclear how Strowman got the injury though Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet (via Cageside Seats) claims that sources tell him that it is all part of the storyline and not legit.

It could be an equalizer of sorts seeing how Strowman seems pretty indestructible. But even if he carries on with an injury, the “Monster Among Men” obviously holds the edge with his size and strength. But the better question to ask is where is the WWE really going with this storyline?

The Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman feud has carried on for quite a while. Frankly, fans are growing tired of the same pairing and seeing nothing at stake. Strowman could be making a case to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal title but Reigns is still the preferred choice. A logic behind it is that Strowman is trying to show Lesnar and Paul Heyman he deserves the shot over Reigns.

So far, Strowman may have already proven his case. But is he popular enough to convince the WWE to book a match against Lesnar? Right now, it seems a bit off and hence the reason why the WWE continues to keep the storyline involving Reigns.

Using his muscles alone is not enough for Strowman to rise among the ranks. He is showing promise but somehow lacks the stock which Reigns had to endure during his run. He is one of the future and hulking stars standing out. But as far as sitting pretty with a belt in two, it lacks a certain flare perhaps due to his character.

Fearsome is one thing but showmanship is another. Braun Strowman is projected as one of the fearsome behemoths but needs some more work on his star power.