Bill Goldberg
U.S. wrestler and actor Bill Goldberg sticks out his tongue to photographers as he arrives for the premiere of his film "The Longest Yard" in Hollywood. Reuters/ Fred Prouser FSP/TC

Bill Goldberg had a good run returning to the WWE ring, discovering that he could still wrestle. That stint was cut short after Wrestlemania 33 and the 49-year-old witnessed plenty of changes.

Goldberg did have his moment with the rising new face of the company in Roman Reigns. He did have his chance to work with the former WWE champion but did experience the hate Reigns has had to deal with.

Goldberg compares then and now

For Goldberg, the hate is befuddling. He sees the same vision that Vince McMahon has for Reigns and likened him to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He also points out how Reigns got negativity following him considering he was playing a face wrestler during a Bischoff on Wrestling podcast interview.

“The crowd these days, they like to be the ones who say "hey, look at me." They like to dictate what's going on and when they voice their opinion, its deafening.”

The modern day has brought in a lot of changes with most given advanced tools to get their opinions and voices heard. Social media is something Goldberg didn’t have to deal with, not to mention the fact that exposure is a far cry from the 90s. Pair those two factors up and fans get to do as they please – including dictating what they want to business groups like the WWE.

There have been suggestions for Roman Reigns to turn heel though Triple H claims that Reigns has already shifted to that persona quietly. It could be a case of putting most in perspective with Eric Bischoff believing it will eventually come to that.

"It seems to me that the natural heat that he has is either going to work for him or against him and I kind of think deep down inside that's what's going to happen. I think that at some point they'll embrace the heat and he will embrace that reaction," said Bischoff during the interview.

Goldberg sees Braun Strowman

Speaking of Roman Reigns, he will be facing Braun Strowman at WWE Payback this Sunday. The hellacious match is something to look forward to and Goldberg will likely keep track.

Goldberg sees Strowman as a WWE star with plenty of potential and someone who could rise among the ranks. He singled out the physique that reminds him of the big wrestling guys from the past. The “Monster among Men” has lived up to his role as a heel but may need more time to work on his star power.