A poste of the film "Wreck-It-Ralph 2." Wreck It Ralph/ Facebook

New teaser images of the upcoming animation film “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2” have been released online. One of the pictures tease Disney princess, with Vanellope (Voice by Sarah Silverman) meeting some of these iconic characters.

A picture of a scene from the film posted on USA Today shows Vanellope meeting Cinderella, Moana (Voice by Auli’i Cravalho), Rapunzel (Voice by Mandy Moore), Anna (Voice by Kristen Bell), and the other princesses.

According to the report Cinderella will initially “freaks out” after seeing Venellope. The princess will be so startled that she will break her glass slippers, and then she will try to use it as a weapon, defending herself against the intruder.

Director Rich Moore revealed that the idea of Vanellope meeting all the princesses came from Ralph (Voice by John C. Reilly) finding an online quiz that asks "Are you an Anna or an Elsa?" The filmmakers later got all the original voice actors of the popular princess characters to come for a cameo scene in the film.

Talking about the plot of the film, Director Phil Johnston explained that Ralph is a person seeing the internet for the very first time, and getting totally confused by it. “With Ralph, it’s like when your dad looks at the Internet and goes, ‘What is that? Why is that? What is going on?’” the director said.

There are few interesting new characters that will be introduced in the film. Yesss (Voice by Taraji P. Henson) is a stylish algorithm that heads the video-sharing website BuzzzTube. She will take it upon herself to make Ralph “hip and cool” by “promoting his viralness.”

The other interesting character in the film is KnowsMore (Voice by Alan Tudyk), a know-it-all search engine. Moore said the character is “a little Truman Capote, a little Droopy dog from the old MGM cartoons and a little Mr. Peabody.”