A poster of "The Incredibles 2" movie. The Incredibles/ Facebook

A new teaser of “Incredibles 2” animation movie has been released online. The video shows all the family members coming together to fight the villain the Underminer (Voice by John Ratzenberger.)

After seeing the trailer of Bob (Craig T. Nelson) facing the challenges at home, taking care of the kids, while his wife gets to be the superhero on the outside; the new teaser trailer [see below] shows the whole family in superhero costume, fighting the Underminer.

The villain has escaped in the video, but his giant mining machine is on the move, destroying the city. Bob can’t seem to stop it or steer it. Just when the vehicle nearly kills everyone inside a monorail, Frozone (Voice by Samuel L. Jackson) comes in to save the day.

While Bob and Elastigirl (Voice by Holy Hunter) try to stop the giant vehicle from reaching the underpass, the children get in on the action too.

Dash (Voice by Huck Milner) saves an old lady, and Violet (Voice by Sarah Vowell) dumps a trolley with the youngest member of the family in her brother’s arms, and races ahead to help their parents. Baby Jack Jack has some incredible new powers, and it will be interesting to see what role he will play in the film.

According to the plot synopsis, Elastigirl’s mission is jeopardised when a new villain rises with a dangerous plan. So, the Underminer may not be the main villain in the film.

Some of the other cast members of the film are Catherine Keener (Voice of Evelyn Deavor), Sophia Bush (Voice of Voyd), Jonathan Banks (Voice of Rick Dicker), Bob Odenkirk (Voice of Winston Deavor), Brad Bird (Voice of Edna Mode), and Isabella Rossellini (Voice of Ambassador).

“The Incredibles 2” has been directed by Brad Bird. The film is set to be released on June 14 in Australia.

Credit: Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2/ twitter