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The Klingon storyline isn’t finished yet, and they will be back in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. In a recent interview the designers of the show talked about exploring the variations in the clothing within the Klingon Empire, and they also talked about creating the right look for the Borg.

In a Facebook Live session by CBS, Creature Designer Neville Page and Makeup Designer Glenn Hetrick talked about creating the different costumes and aliens for the show, TrekMovie reports. Among the highlights of the interview was the first behind-the-scenes look of the alien Saru (Doug Jones). The multi-eyed look didn’t make it on the TV series, but the video shows just how far the designers took this concept.

Talking about the Klingons, the designers pointed out that even though the physical appearance of this race evolved in the different iterations from the franchise, the one thing that always remained almost the same was the costume. They explained that since people from this alien race lived and grew up on different planets, and have different factions, it is logical for them to have vastly different clothes.

The designers teased that the next season will explore in detail these variations of the different Houses. The team has apparently developed many things for the Klingons that hasn’t been shown yet.

There will also be some interesting background characters in the next season. The designers said that they discussed about what new kinds of technology will be available at this time, and one of the things they developed is a wearable device that acts as a second brain. The character who will get to wear this technology will look like Lobot from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.”

The designers are also keen on creating a new version of the Borg. They have had extensive discussions about how they should approach the new look. The designers explained that they will try and make sense of all the tubes and wires that will be attached to a Borg member. They will also look at things like will this person be alive after joining the Collective, will he/she change colour, depending on the how long this person has been a member of the alien race.

It is still not clear of the Borg will be featured in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2.