WW2 First Look Image - Gal Gadot
A still from "Wonder Woman 1984" movie with Gal Gadot as Diana Prince. Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot has won some praise for her role in and as “Wonder Woman.” Academy Award-winning actor Al Pacino praised the actress in a recent interview, while talking about the current actors that he finds exciting.

There are “quite a few people” that Pacino finds exiting in the industry at the moment, ComicBook.com reports. Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco, and the “new kid” Timothée Chalamet are some of the people Pacino is watching keenly. He believes Chalamet particularly will “really do some stuff” in the future.

Among the women in Hollywood, Pacino said that there’s talent “all over the place.” “You just can’t believe it, how good they are,” he said. One name among the women that he mentioned was Gadot, specifically her role in “Wonder Woman.”

“You see that girl in ‘Wonder Woman ,’ she’s got it,” Pacino said. “Sometimes I’m just home, and I see — you know how you get all those films, there’s ‘Wonder Woman’ in the middle [of the movie], wherever, I don’t care, I’ll look at it five minutes a day, just to watch what she does. She is something. She’s got it,” he added.

The praise for Gadot is important because the actress has managed to deliver a big hit for a female superhero, something which Hollywood has been trying hard to perfect for a long time now. The box office success of “Wonder Woman” opens the doors for more female characters to take on important roles in future movies.

Gadot is currently busy filming the highly anticipated sequel to “Wonder Woman.” The plot of the film is set in the 1980s. The main villain of the movie is a comic book character named Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).

“Wonder Woman 1984” is set to be released on Nov. 1, 2019 in the US. The producers are yet to announce the release date in Australia.