Sara Brautigam, 21, has been pronounced clinically dead 36 times in one year. She is suffering from several medical conditions including a rare heart disorder known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), which she was diagnosed with four years ago.

This disorder, along with Reflex Syncope and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, causes her heart to stop beating. Telegraph reports that she experiences rapid palpitation while her blood pressure falls simultaneously. Her heart then stops beating, causing the doctors to pronounce her clinically dead. Her attacks last nearly for half an hour on some occasions, the website states.

Brautigam was pronounced dead 36 times in the year 2012. Donacaster Free Press reports that although the young woman is suffering from the condition, she is very keen on spreading awareness regarding the disease and raising funds for its charity. She has granted permission to the medics assessing her at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, South Yorks to shoot a video of the attack three years ago. The video was taken on June 27, 2012, and was released to spread awareness among the people about her rare condition.

Her condition is incurable and is a response of the body's autonomic nervous system to being in an erect position, the site reports. Brautigam states that she visits the A&E about 64 times a year. Moreover, her medical notes appeared to be very strange to her. She was aware that she frequented the hospital three times a week but the number in the reports shocked her. She told Donacaster Free Press that she feels dizzy and fatigued before every attack. She explains that she is very aware of her surroundings as she can hear and feel everything clearly but she cannot shout despite trying to do so. “They say when you die your hearing is the last thing to go and that’s been my experience. After an attack I’ll wake up and my chest will be killing and I’m really tired,” she states.

The website states that the only way to bring her back to life is to inflict pain and shock her. CPR, it informs, is not an option as her heart has to be refilled with blood before it is performed.

The condition has affected her ability to lead a normal life. She is restricted from doing simple activities such as driving. Getting a job is difficult as well due to her medical condition being a threat to her life. She states that she cries a lot and has put on weight due to depression. She also lacks physical exercise as she is advised to refrain from it. However, Brautigam has not given up hope and wants to spread awareness regarding PoTs. She is also looking for a flexible job for her to earn despite her illness.

Brautigam goes to Burlesque Chair Dance classes under teacher Donna. Through the classes, she has organised her charity to raise cash for PoTS UK. The event is to be held on Saturday, March 28 at 7.30 pm. The tickets cost £10, and interested people can also donate prizes for the raffle. The person to be contacted is Donna who can be reached at 07891292659.

Watch the video of Brautigam's attack here.

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