Photo of the recent Wentworth season 5 cast.

Some “Wentworth” season 5 episode 2 spoilers were recently sent out. A magazine covered some vital information in the spoilers of the fifth instalment of the series.

There were a lot of things, both uneventful and eventful, that happened in the first episode of the fifth season. One of the eventful scenes was Franky Doyle (Nicole de Silva) getting arrested at the end of the episode. While the preview of the second episode shows that she is back in the correctional facility, many fans questioned why Franky did not just report to the police. For those who were unable to watch the first episode, Franky had a run-in with someone from the past, Michael Pennisi (Felix Williamson). He was the reason why Franky was in prison as she snapped and poured hot oil on his face during a taping for a cooking show.

At the end of the first episode, Franky was taken into custody by the police for the apparent murder of Michael. However, fans have strongly opposed to the decision of why she just did not report it to the police. On the other hand, it also leads to an earlier scene with Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) wherein Franky and him has a conversation about the justice system being unfair or failing people. This speculation has led many fans to believe that the system will fail her just like it failed Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack).

Liz to testify against Sonia?

In a recently released TV Guide magazine issue, spoilers were abound on the fifth season of “Wentworth.” It is unknown if the information given will be in the second episode. However, the photos shown in the magazine article definitely depicts a part of the fifth season. The article questions if Liz (Celia Ireland) will testify against Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) on her murder case. Although Liz does think that Sonia is guilty, it is a question of whether or not Liz will actually lag on Sonia. According to Reddit fans, they assume that Liz will testify against Sonia. Liz has been given freedom in exchange for a testimony that Sonia apparently confessed to the crime. In addition to this, Celia said that her character really just wants to gain freedom as she has had enough.

The day before the court ruling, Doreen (Shareena Clanton) finds out from Liz that she will be lying in her statement. In addition to this, Sonia’s lawyer also tells her about Liz being the key person to testify against her. Sonia then issues a warning in the women’s prison about the supposed lagger pretending that she does not know who it is. The main question still remains, if Liz will actually lie in front of the court to gain her freedom. On the other hand, if she does and does not get her freedom, she will become a target in prison for lagging on an inmate.

The next episode of “Wentworth” season 5 will air on April 11 at 8:30 p.m. AEST on the Showcase channel. Be sure to catch the upcoming show to find out if Franky will be charged with the murder of Michael Pennisi.