'Wentworth' Kate Jenkinson and Bernard Curry
A picture of Kate Jenkinson (left) as Allie Novak and Bernard Curry (right) as corrections officer Jake Stewart in Season 4 of "Wentworth" TV series. Facebook/Wentworth

A new character will reportedly be introduced in episode 5 of “Wentworth” Season 4. The character is said to be an officer and is teased to be both “cheeky” and “forthright.”

[Spoiler alert]

According to a post on Tumblr, the officer is Jake (Bernard Curry). The character is said to be so jovial that the strict and serious governor Vera (Kate Atkinson) will find it unsettling. “She’s trying to make sense of him. He’s cheeky and forthright, and no-one knows if he has a power agenda,” Atkinson teased.

The dynamic between the two characters will be interesting to watch because so far Veera has been shown to prefer following the guidelines when it comes to running the prison. But, Jake has a much more casual approach to his job.

Jake will quickly start throwing ideas about how the prison should be run and Veera will promptly shut him down. However, she will come to regret her actions later, fearing that it may lead to Jake going after her job.

Veera isn’t the only one who has her eye on Jake. Some of the inmates will like him immediately. Will the new officer share a special bond with someone in “Wentworth” Season 4 episode 5?

With Bea (Danielle Cormack) in the slot, Joan (Pamela Rabe) will increase her efforts to manipulate Karen (Tammy Macintosh), another Tumblr post reveals. Meanwhile, Bea and Ally bond after spending hours chatting with each other in adjoining cells.

With Bea in isolation, many fans are wondering who will take up her responsibilities in the general population. According to The Bit Bag, Kaz and Joan are speculated to be the ones who will take over in “Wentworth” Season 4 episode 5. Ferguson will reportedly manipulate Kaz into being the Top Dog, while Bea is away. She will use Kaz’s trauma of being abused by her father to manipulate her.