Miss Universe 2015 is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines, but for several seconds, the dream was a reality for Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arévalo. Miss Colombia was mistakenly announced as the winner and spent several seconds basking in the glory before it was clarified that there was a glaring mistake. See Miss Philippines' shocked reaction in the video clip shared by the official Miss Universe Twitter account below:

Miss USA was declared the second runner-up and Miss Philippines as the first runner-up, initially. It was a joyous back-to-back win for Colombia, as outgoing Miss Universe Paulina Vega crowned her. Unfortunately, moments later, host Steve Harvey came on camera to admit that he made a big mistake.

“I have to apologise,” he started. He then went on to clarify that he made the mistake of announcing Miss Colombia as the winner instead of Miss Philippines. He emphasised that the names written on the cue card are correct and that the mistake was his alone. The girls looked so shocked. Miss Philippines almost didn’t look like she wanted to take the crown from Miss Colombia. Paulina Vega, likewise, stood frozen between the two girls.

It took another round of clarifications from Harvey as well as a close-up view of the cue card for the girls to finally realise what was going on. Paulina finally removed the crown from her compatriate and placed it rightfully on Pia Wurtzbach’s head.

As the closing credits rolled, Miss Philippines had a muted celebration as she was congratulated by the other contestants. However, just like the other girls, her face was etched with concern over how Miss Colombia must be feeling. The contestants could all be seen hugging one another on stage.

In the end, it was a glorious win for Miss Philippines, the new Miss Universe 2015.

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