"The Walking Dead" spinoff series is set to start filming soon. Comic book writer Robert Kirkman talked to Entertainment Weekly and said that the spinoff is going to be "startlingly different."

In an interview with EW, Robert Kirkman shared details about AMC's "The Walking Dead" spinoff, also known as "Cobalt." He said that the show is about family. He added that this family is different and one they haven't talked about in "The Walking Dead."

"So what we're trying to do with The Walking Dead spinoff is keep the story as familiar as possible for people that love The Walking Dead, so you'll get the kind of things that you expect from a Walking Dead story," Kirkman said.

Kirkman also said that the series will be a new show that can exist on its own. "You could watch The Walking Dead spinoff if you've never watched an episode of The Walking Dead and get a really great, rich, fulfilling experience out of it. It has to be a show that can stand on its own," the executive producer of "The Walking Dead" added.

"The Walking Dead" Season 1 was set in Atlanta. The spinoff will explore families and people living Los Angeles and how they are surviving amid zombies and villains in general. The comic book series focuses on Atlanta and the spinoff showcasing Los Angeles is interesting. The new series will have new events and characters revealed Kirkman.

Meanwhile, fans are gearing up for "The Walking Dead" Season 5's last eight episodes. After the heartbreaking mid-season finale that saw the death of Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) and the survivors leaving Grady Memorial Hospital.

AMC released the first look artwork that focussed on the world needing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The network also released a trailer featuring Rick Grimes and his team in the woods.

Stay tuned for more "The Walking Dead" updates.

"The Walking Dead" returns on Feb. 8, 2015 with Season 5.

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