‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 - Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns as Negan on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8. AMC/The Walking Dead

A new sneak peek video of “The Walking Dead” season 9 has been released online. The video shows how Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is waiting for a comeback, while Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others will be busy working hard to rebuild.

The video posted on YouTube shows the heroes busy rebuilding Alexandria. There will be a time jump in the next season, which means the fans will find a slightly different world on the show, where horse drawn carriages are used instead of cars.

Negan may have been defeated, but he isn’t done yet. The preview video shows him telling someone, presumably Rick, that there are dangers that they all have to face in the future. The threats they will face will lead to the return of Negan, according to the villainous character.

“You think you got all this on lock...it’s not the future...it’s a monument to the dead,” Negan says in the video. The villain feels that Rick and the others are not saving the world, but instead they are getting it ready for him.

In the comics Rick keeps Negan alive, and has a chat with him from time to time. The trailers of the next season tease something similar happening on the show as well. While there may be challenges the heroes will face within the community, with dwindling resources and clashing egos, the biggest challenge will come from the outside. The heroes will face a group called the Whisperers in the next season.

A main part of the plot will be about Rick leading his team to Washington, D.C. for some reason. It is unclear why he will travel there.

Lincoln is expected to exit in the first half of the next season, and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) too may not be there on the show for long. It remains to be seen how many characters will either leave or die on the show this year.