'The Walking Dead' zombies
Heath and Tara find themselves in trouble while scavenging on ‘The Walking Dead’ S07E06. AMC/The Walking Dead Official Facebook Page

On the season 7, episode 6 of “The Walking Dead” titled “Swear,” Heath and Tara find themselves in a predicament as they come across a new group of survivors. They were last seen in a dream sequence during the season premiere, committed to hunt for the Hilltop community as the residents pay their dues to Negan. (Walking Dead 7x06).

Spoiler alert: This preview contains plot details about season 7 of “The Walking Dead.” The seventh season premiered Oct. 20. The series is available for Australian viewers to watch on Foxtel every Monday, 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Heath and Tara are going to be separated from each other on the next episode of “The Walking Dead.” While scavenging for anything of value, the two will end up in a new place that’s filled with zombies. They won’t be able to contain all of them and eventually part ways.

Tara will end up on a beach called Oceanside. The people that live on that place are only females since Negan and the Saviors killed off all of their men during a past encounter. Tara will get to meet Oceanside’s leader, Natania, as well as her granddaughter, Cyndie. Since only children and women are left on Oceanside, residents resort to killing strangers and trespassers that come upon their place.

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Tara will be initially pampered and welcomed by the Oceanside people until she strikes the community’s nerve with her story about the Alexandrians’ previous battle with Negan and his group. The Oceanside folks want no part in Alexandria’s fight against Negan. A couple of Oceanside locals named Beatrice and Kathy will lead Tara to the woods and attempt to murder her, but will ultimately fail to do so.

Tara will return to the spot where she and Heath had left their car. The vehicle will be gone but it won’t be revealed who took it. She will then make her way back to Alexandria and learn about what happened to Abraham, Glenn and Denise.

The season 7, episode 6 of “The Walking Dead” will feature Deborah May as Oceanside’s leader, Natania. Cyndie will be played by actress Sydney Park.