The first half of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 has been interesting and exciting with a walker horde attack and the beloved character Glenn’s fake death. The same intense storyline is said to continue in the upcoming Season 6B of the series, which is set to air in 2016.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead,” has been one of the mainstays in the hit AMC series. He’s been a cast member since the start of the series and he recently told Variety that Season 6B will continue to be as exciting, even more so, than this year’s “The Walking Dead.”

He mentioned during the Variety interview how Season 6 has been like an arrow being pulled back and let go, in which the first episode of Season 6A showed just how the “arrow has gained momentum.” He added, “I want to say that our back half is the best 8 we’ve ever done. It’s super intense.”

Apart from talking about “The Walking Dead,” Reedus also talked about his upcoming show “Ride with Norman Reedus” and described how it has evolved as they were filming the pilot episode.

“It started off as something else… and turned into something else at the end,” he explained. “We’re kind of following… an Anthony Bourdain format.” Reedus was referring to the celebrity chef’s show “No Reservation,” which initially started out as a series about food but eventually shifted to meeting other people and knowing more about different places.

“It became about meeting other people and the ride, rather than the motorcycle,” he told Variety.

Meanwhile, the mid-Season finale of Season 6 aired on Sunday in the US and featured beloved “The Walking Dead” characters trying their best to survive the walker horde’s attack in Alexandria. However, latest speculations indicate that Reedus’ character Daryl may fight to stay alive in Season 6B of the AMC series.

According to Huffington Post, the prologue which aired after episode 8 of “The Walking Dead” Season 6A, shows that the villain Negan will be making an appearance in the upcoming Season 6B. In “The Walking Dead” comic books, Negan leads a group called the Saviours and will, at one point, capture Reedus’ Daryl, along with Anthony Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and other characters. Negan was supposed to kill Glenn, played by actor Steven Yeun.

However, given the fake death scene of Glenn during Season 6A, many fans are speculating that Negan will kill off Daryl instead of Glenn. Further speculations stated that Reedus’ upcoming motorcycle show with AMC is an indication that he is taking on more projects, given his rumoured upcoming death in Season 6B.

Fans will have to wait until Season 6B airs to find out if this is true.

The final episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 6A aired on Sunday in the US, while it is still set to be shown in Australia on Monday, Nov. 30.

After the mid-Season finale, “The Walking Dead” Season 6B will return to the US on February 2016.

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