AMC has released new promo images for “The Walking Dead” Season 6B which show a potential new location and character Rick Grimes facing the harsh reality that Alexandria may not be a safe haven after all.

Before “The Walking Dead” went on its midseason 6 break, fans saw Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, and other characters trying to escape the massive walker horde that invaded Alexandria. New stills recently released by AMC through the official Instagram account of “The Walking Dead" feature a determined-looking Rick, Morgan (Lennie James) on horseback and two never-before-seen locations.

The Instagram images which feature Lincoln’s character show that Rick has given up on the hope of having a somewhat normal life within Alexandria’s walls. Rick’s “The Walking Dead” Season 6B promo images were captioned, “’I thought living behind these walls was possible... I was wrong.’ – Rick Grimes.”

Meanwhile, the promo image which feature Morgan show James’ character traversing an empty road on a horse. The two other stills feature an abandoned RV on what appears to be a highway, along with other vehicles and a shot of what looks like the bottom of a huge satellite dish. Most of these Instagram photos were uncaptioned, although in Morgan’s promo image post, AMC teased that the “final panels” will be revealed soon.


The final panels will be revealed tomorrow. #TWD

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The image of satellite dish and the abandoned RV also hint that “The Walking Dead” Season 6B would likely see Rick and his gang on the move to find another location. According to Cinema Blend, these stills are images that have yet to be shown in the “The Walking Dead” and could likely be somewhere near the Hilltop Colony. In Robert Kirkman’s comic books, the Hilltop Colony is where Rick and other characters will encounter the community’s leader, Gregory.

The Hilltop Colony leader will be played by Xander Berkeley, and the character is expected to torment Rick and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), according to Kirkman's comic books. Berkeley’s Gregory will also play a pivotal part in leading Steven Yeun’s character Glenn to his death under the hands of Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6B returns on Feb. 14 in the US on AMC.