The first half of “The Walking Dead” season 6 have shown the challenges that beloved characters encountered in Alexandria. Some of these conflicts and challenges remain unresolved prior the series’ midseason 6 break. Apart from wondering whether Rick Grimes and his gang will survive the walker attack, one of the interesting storylines that fans are looking forward to would be the continued conflict between Morgan and Carol, and how it will play out in the upcoming season.

In this year’s “The Walking Dead” season 6A, fans saw the death of several characters, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) surviving the walker attack and other exciting storyline events. However, none would be more interesting than the fight between Morgan and Carol, played by Lennie James and Melissa McBride respectively, according to Cinema Blend.

Episode 8 of “The Walking Dead’s” season 6 had the two characters fighting each other over keeping a Wolf member alive. The tussle between the two ultimately resulted to the Wolf escaping with a hostage. Cinema Blend cited how McBride’s character Carol was ready to kill James’ Morgan and that the events in episode 8 will have her getting ready for a “better game plan.”

The conflict between the two characters would also be an integral part of “The Walking Dead” season 6B. Showrunner Robert Kirkman told Variety in an previous interview, that the “antagonistic relationship” between Morgan and Carol will continue in the upcoming season. Kirkman stated that “their posturing against each other and trying to figure each other out and not really liking each other, their conflict is a big part of the next half of the season.”

He added, “The confrontation that starts in that basement does continue through the season and will come to a head. We’ll see the relationship changing and evolving and growing in cool and interesting ways.”

In his Variety interview, Kirkman also mentioned how Carol would have been ready to kill James’ character Morgan. He explained that McBride’s character “would have killed Morgan” during their fight in episode 8 of “The Walking Dead” season 6.

“I think that’s why she was so angry and I think that’s why she was so scared,” he continued. “She didn’t want to. But she knew that she had to and she knew that she would.”

Fans of the hit AMC series would need to wait until next year to see how that basement fight will affect the dynamics between Carol and Morgan.

“The Walking Dead” season 6B will premiere in the US on February 2016.

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