The voice Australia 2
Contestants participating in The Voice Australia 2017, episode 2, season 6. The Voice Aus/Twitter

“The Voice Australia” 2017 season six episode 2 kicked off with coach Kelly Rowland taking the lead with four contestants. In the second round of blind auditions, a new friendship blossomed between Delta Goodrem and Kelly Rowland as contestants like Michelle Mutyora, Benjamin Caldwell, Tim Conlon, Camryn Jordan and Claire from Queensland impressed judges with their spellbinding performances.

First up was Zimbabwean-born Michelle Mutyorais, who decided to sing Beyoncé's “Listen.” Apart from her powerful vocals, the audience was introduced to her family, who appeared in a special video message. It was tough for Mutyorais to control her tears. However, she took control of her emotions in time to belt out an impressive song and have the coaches turn their chairs one by one. When it was time to choose her coach, she went with her heart and decided to go for Rowland.

Next up was Benjamin Caldwell who started with a Bob Dylan number but failed to impress the judges until the very end of the song. However, he picked up a magical note, and all four judges couldn’t help but vote for him. Caldwell, who called himself the "Black Sheep of the family" because everyone else is well-settled except for him, chose Team George.

The next contestant was a Brazilian man named Cherich, who fired up the stage with his massive energy but failed to turn chairs; apparently, he focused more on dancing, which left him breathless. George and Rowland had second thoughts on him but decided to let him pass.

“The Voice Australia” 2017 not only demands dedication to music. Sometimes, a person leaves his career to be in the show. Such was the case of rugby player Tim Conlon, who covered Ed Sheeran's “Castle on the Hill.” His singing impressed all four coaches. He chose Team Delta and gave her a rose, which was snatched mid-way by Seal. Some drama continued as Goodrem demanded the rose back from Seal.

Next was a teenager named Camryn Jordan, who belted out a Sia. She told the coaches about penning a song about her military dad's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and added that she was also involved in charity. A huge achievement for a girl who is just 17! She impressed all judges and went on to become the fourth member of Team Kelly.

Following Jordan, another teenager, Claire from Queensland, tried her luck for the second time in the show. She made it through a couple of rounds last season and was on Team Jessie J. This time around, she sang Seal's song from the 90s and impressed all judges except Seal, who turned his chair at the end, too, looking not so convinced. Goodrem remembered her from season five and said she was “proud” of her. Check out various performance videos from "The Voice Australia" 2017 below: