Australian singer and "The Voice" Australia judge Delta Goodrem  (RTR3F97E)
Australian singer and "The Voice" Australia judge Delta Goodrem arrives at the "The Voice" Season 4 premiere screening in Los Angeles, California March 20, 2013. Goodrem's team member Judah Kelly emerged as the winner of "The Voice Australia" Season 6, which was announced on Sunday, July 2 on Nine Network. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

“The Voice Australia” 2016 a.k.a. The Voice AU Season 5 aired its 16th episode this Sunday on Nine, featuring The Veronicas, Lisa and Jessica Origliasso. Andrew Loadsman was the main event of the night, while Adam Ladell admitted to being hurt by some social media bashers’ comments. Four artists went home as the show got closer to the season finale and grand winner announcement.

Kim Sheehy, Lane Sinclair, Mikaela Dean and Georgia Wiggins went home a week before semifinals airs next week on Nine. The Veronicas were sad to see Lane go as they got to mentor her for a bit during rehearsals. The twins sat in for Joel and Benji Madden who were in Germany for a concert.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Team Jessie J Top 2: Ellen Reed and Jack Pellow

Ellen Reed was the first artist to be saved by public votes on Sunday night’s episode. Jack Pellow was the team’s second placer. Mikaela Dean went home. Jessie J said Mikaela was one of her favourites because she was a real artist who was making choices for herself.

Ellen took on “Since U Been Gone” by “American Idol” Season 1 champ, Kelly Clarkson. Jessie wanted to improve her phrasing and ability to connect to the audience. Ellen definitely brought it. This was her best number yet. It was a great number, though Coach Delta Goodrem pointed out she wasn’t quite there yet. The Veronicas, however, loved her.

Jack Pellow realized during rehearsals he should take more control of his journey on “The Voice Australia.” Jessie J pushed him to do just that. Taking on Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Jack was smooth and relaxed, but not exactly better than he was a week ago. Still, Jack’s tone alone is already a mighty force to reckon with in the show.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Team Madden Top 2: Andrew Loadsman and Aaliyah Warren

From Team Madden, joining The Voice Top 8 were Andrew Loadsman and Aaliyah Warren. Lane Sinclair went home. In behalf of the Madden brothers, The Veronicas lauded her artistry in her heart and soul.

With “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers, Aaliyah showed an improved version of herself as a performer. She was breaking through and letting go, finally. The Veronicas definitely helped her deliver her best number, so far. Her former coach Jessie J lauded her growth, saying she should just be more comfortable in her skin moving forward.

The Veronicas thought Andrew Loadsman had been rather predictable in the previous shows. They told him to lose the guitar and give the audience a sexy, unhinged and an unpredictable performance. He did all that and brought all the coaches to their feet with “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys. Unleashed and unraveled, former bricklayer Andrew Loadsman sounded and felt like a solid frontrunner in the fifth season of “The Voice Australia.”

The Voice AU Season 4 winner Ellie Drennan graced the show to debut her new song, “Hard Love.” Ellie’s coach, Jessie J, praised the 17-year-old for her pitch, poise and emotional maturity. She also called on the public to support the 2015 winner.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Team Delta Goodrem Top 2: Alfie Arcuri and Adam Ladell

A while back in the blind auditions, Delta was keeping her fingers crossed for male vocalists to join her team. Now she has two male artists - Alfie Arcuri and Adam Ladell - in the Top 8. Kim Sheehy went home, saying her journey on the show positively changed the way she viewed her future.

“I’m not just the boy with Tourette’s,” Adam Ladell said in his pre-performance video. He admitted to being badly affected by social media bashers who said he was just getting votes as sympathy for his Tourette’s Syndrome. Singing “Faded” by Alan Walker, Adam was once again magnetic as an artist. His former coach, Ronan Keating, told him to simply ignore the bashers since everyone has them.

Singing Bonnie Rait’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” Alfie showed another layer of his sensitive artist’s side. Coach Delta reminded the audience that before his blind auditions, Alfie had only sung for his family once or twice. She emphasised he’s a real amateur that can naturally connect to the song in a manner that other pros can’t.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 features One Republic in taped performance

Host Sonia Kruger gave a lot of hype to an upcoming performance of One Republic, whose lead vocals, Ryan Tedder, was on the show as a guest mentor. However, after the bit rolled on Nine, fans quickly noticed a huge flaw in editing that ruined the “live” mood.

While it is common for acts to be pre-taped for a live television show, it was the noticeable combination of dancing coaches and empty chairs that ruined the moment. A report by Daily Mail sums up the effects of the One Republic taped performance, which ultimately (although perhaps not substantially) marred the live event.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Team Ronan Keating: Mitch Gardner and Tash Lockhart

From Team Ronan, Mitch Gardner and Tash Lockhart made it to The Voice AU Season 5 Top 8. Georgia Wiggins, who was originally from Team Madden, went home. Ronan reminded the 16-year-old that she still has a lot ahead of her.

Ronan gave both Mitch and Tash some tough love during rehearsals, saying they’re in a very important stage of the competition now. Mitch had a cool moment while singing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” but Jessie J pointed out he has yet to show some self-belief on stage.

There was some debate between Ronan on one side and (incredibly) Delta and Jessie J on the other side after Tash Lockhart sang “Run” by Leona Lewis. Jessie spoke about the odd songs being given to Tash, while Jessie said she was at her best during the super battles. Ronan stood behind his song choices for Tash, saying “Run” was her best yet. The Veronicas, meanwhile, said they were impressed albeit they have not seen her previous numbers.

Weird song choices aside, Tash always comes out with a sophisticated vibe on stage. She is definitely one of the best artists this year. Will Australia vote for her to stay for the semifinals?

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The Veronicas ended their impressive “The Voice” stint with a live performance of their single “In My Blood.” Next week, Delta Goodrem is taking on the stage to premiere her new single. Watch “The Voice Australia” 2016 Top 8 on Nine Now, or take a peek into more YouTube videos from the show here.

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