The Voice Australia 2016: Top 12 to be revealed June 19
The Voice Australia 2016: Top 12 to be revealed June 19, with a live performance from coach Ronan Keating. Nine Network/The Voice via Official Facebook Page

“The Voice” Australia 2016 (Season 5) Top 16 performed Monday night on Nine. Four contestants were instantly saved by their coaches: Mitch Gardner, Mikaela Dean, Alfie Arcuri and Aaliyah Warren. The coaches are counting on the public to save the right two other artists from their team for the Top 12.

Here is a quick recap of how things went down. In the next episode, the twelve finalists will be announced and four will go home.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Top 16 Team Jessie J: Ellen Reed, Jack Pellow, Brianna Holm and Mikaela Dean

Jessie picked Ella Henderson’s “Ghost” for Ellen Reed, who opened the show. Jessie wanted Ella to crush her insecurities. Ellen sounded great, and coach Jessie said she’s a proud mentor. Next up was a 4-chair turner, Brianna Holm, who also had to learn to believe in herself. For her, Jessie chose “Samson” by Regina Spektor. Jessie pointed out how the room was so quiet and engaged while Brianna was singing.

Single dad and ink-embellished Jack Pellow had serious nerve issues, so Jessie was pleasantly surprised to see him calm during the rehearsals. Jack said he really wanted to make his coach proud, so he did work on his issues after the super battles. He seemed more comfortable on stage with George Ezra’s “Blame It On Me.” Impressed, Jessie said the audience saw “a whole new Jack.”

For Mikaela Dean, Jessie wanted her to look and sound like she has been a lead singer all her life. She showed a strong connection to "Take Me Home" by Jess Glynne, and it was probably her best number yet.

The other coaches would save either Brianna or Mikaela. Coach Jessie J picked Mikaela. The three others would need public votes to be in the Top 12.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Top 16 Team Madden Brothers: Aaliyah Warren, Andrew Loadsman, Lane Sinclair and Lexi Clark

Benjie and Joel Madden assigned “Rumour Has It” by Adele to Lexi Clark, hoping to give her a big moment on her first live show. Host Sonia Kruger said it was “a sensational job.” The Maddens are proud. After the break, Boy George joined the coaches and Sonia for a chat.

For Aaliyah Warren, the Maddens picked "Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. The coaches wanted the 17-year-old singer to really feel the song. Benjie said some parts of her performance gave him the chills.

For 4-chair turner Andrew Loadsman, the Maddens wanted to see him “tame the beast.” Hoping to see his vulnerable artist side, they gave him “Say Something” by A Great Big World. The audience went wild within the first two notes. Joel said it was “perfect.” The rock star said his wife and their 11-year-old relationship inspire him to tackle the song well.

Lane Sinclair’s “Video Games” rehearsal was “uninspired” for the Maddens. The Lana del Rey song is a good fit for Lane’s voice. It was her best performance yet, Benjie said.

Come decision time, Ronan said he would choose Aaliyah. For Delta, Andrew or Lane. For Jessie, Lane’s tone is the best, but if there’s any second-guessing on voting result, it’s Aaliyah. The Maddens eventually decided to save Aaliyah.

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Top 16 Team Ronan Keating: Emad Younan, Georgia Wiggins, Mitch Gardner and Tash Lockhart

An emotional Tash Lockhart opened up to Ronan about her nerves and anxiety during rehearsal. Hoping to help her fight self-doubts, Ronan chose “Be the One” by Dua Lipa. He told her to focus on the line, “I could be the one” [who wins this competition]. She brought the judges on their feet.

Next to perform live on Team Ronan was Mitch Gardner, who got nervous after hearing that Ronan chose “Down Under” by Men At Work for his first live number. Ronan was a proud coach. After the break, the audience learned Ronan will perform his new single “Breathe” next week.

For Georgia Wiggins, the youngest singer in “The Voice Australia” Season 5, Ronan picked “Hide Away” by Daya. She was extremely nervous, but Ronan said Australia just heard the voice the show was looking for.

The final artist on Team Ronan is Emad Younan, a criminal defense lawyer. For him, Ronan picked “Vincent” by Don McLean. The two got to talk about Emad’s brother, whose passing prompted Emad to explore his musical side to honour his memory. Hoping to help him do that, Ronan thought his brother’s photos should be his background for the live performance. Ronan got emotional, saying Emad has already won.

Helping Ronan to choose, Jessie J she would pick Emad because she would love to listen to his entire album. For Delta (original coach of Tash), it’s Tash or Emad. For the Maddens (original coach of Georgia), it’s Georgia. Ronan picked Mitch Gardner, the kid with whom he could relate the most (he did say he saw a young Ronan in him).

‘The Voice Australia’ 2016 Top 16 Team Delta Goodrem: Adam Ladell, Alfie Arcuri, Elle Murphy and Kim Sheehy

First to perform live from Team Delta was Elle Murphy, who wanted to show some personality on stage. Delta gave her “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane. Elle came out looking like a fiercer version of herself. Sonia said she was #hot, and Delta was thrilled for the audience to meet Elle “properly.

Next up was a live music video, rehearsed with a book on Kim Sheehy’s head. It was “performance of the night” for the Maddens. The coaches were all on their feet after Kim’s performance of Gotye’s “Heart’s A Mess.” Kim’s voice soared through with this song.

For architect Alfie Arcuri, Delta chose “Pillow Talk” by Zayn Malik. Delta wanted Alfie to commit to the sexiness required by the song. Alfie joked sexy could look awkward with him, but during the live performance his vocal control was more than enough to captivate the audience.

Adam Ladell was the show closer of the first live broadcast of “The Voice Australia” Season 5. He said he came to the show to end the stigma cast on people with Tourette’s Syndrome. Delta gave him a big song with a big message: “Imagine” by John Lennon. After the performance, Adam said the song is dedicated to the victims of Orlando shootings. (Incidentally, "The Voice US" alum Christina Grimmie was among the victims of the shootings, although the incidents happened separately.)

Helping Delta, the Maddens, Ronan and Jessie J said they’d pick Kim. Delta chose to save Alfie Arcuri. At this stage, all coaches have picked four contestants to send through to the semi-finals. Four others will be sent home next week. (UPDATE: Follow the show's link below to watch the Top 16's performances. To vote, get The Voice app here.)

"The Voice Australia" 2016 Top 12 will be revealed this Sunday, June 19. Coach Ronan Keating will debut his new single "Breathe" on the show.