A video of a McDonald's employee tricking a homeless man and throwing a cup of water at his face has gone viral on the Internet.

In the video posted on YouTube on Friday, Nov. 6, an employee from McDonald’s Detroit-based outlet can be seen inviting an old man for a hamburger. He refers to the man as “Willie” and calls out, “Hey Willie, come here, do you want a sandwich? Come on man, I'm going to give you a sandwich man, come on man.” However, when the old man tries to reach out for the hamburger offered by the McDonald’s employee, the latter throws water at his face.

The cruel act was filmed by a customer who was waiting in the drive-through lane in his car during the time. Fox 2 reports that the old man initially declined the offer, but he decided to walk toward the window when the employee showed him a burger.

Wise Finley, an official from the McDonald’s franchisee, has condemned the incident in his statement, saying, “I am very disturbed by the inappropriate behavior of this employee. This type of behavior is not tolerated in my organisation.”

He added that he expects his employees “to treat everyone with dignity and respect.” He called the recent behaviour by the Detroit-based employee unacceptable and promised to take appropriate action.

As of writing, the video has been viewed by more than 25,000 people on YouTube. More than 1,333 people pressed the dislike button on the video sharing site as a way of condemning the act of the McDonald’s employee. The man who filmed the video told WMAQ-TV that he now regrets posting it online.

“They were actually arguing with each other and that’s what was funny to me,” said the man, who did not reveal his true identity and called himself “Skeez.” He can also be heard laughing in the video after the employee’s prank. Check out the video below.

Source: YouTube/Watch Jojo

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