‘Vikings’ season 5: Sigurd’s death questioned; Ragnar’s son could still be alive

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‘Vikings’ season 5 - Sigurd - David Lindström
The fate of Ragnar’s son, Sigurd (David Lindström), has recently been brought up and questioned. Is he really dead, or is he making a surprise return on ‘Vikings’ season 5? Instagram/David Lindström

The cast and crew of “Vikings” season 5 are done with filming, and now it’s up to the post-production team to finish things off. Speaking of unfinished business, the fate of one of Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) sons has recently been brought up and questioned. Is Sigurd (David Lindström) really dead, or are the showrunners sticking with history and brewing something up for the character?

Spoiler alert: This article contains plot details about “Vikings” season 5. An official announcement has yet to be made regarding the air date of the season premiere. Episodes from the series’ previous seasons are available for Australian viewers to watch on SBS.

“Vikings” fans last saw Sigurd “Snake in the Eye” on “The Reckoning,” last season’s final episode. His brother Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) put an axe on his midsection after insulting the Boneless one too many times. But now, a fan theory suggests that Ragnar’s third son and, so far, only deceased male offspring in the series, could still be alive despite the blow.

The theory proposes that Sigurd may have survived Ivar’s axe and just fell unconscious. After his body was left for dead in the river, it was supposedly found by Blaeja (Caitlin Scott), the daughter of King Aelle (Ivan Kaye) and Ealhswith (Cathy White) of Northumbria. The theory is based on the historical fact that Sigurd married Blaeja. Together, the couple had four children.

Sigurd and Blaeja’s union is an interesting one, especially since Blaeja’s father had Ragnar thrown into a pit of snakes. History also says that Sigurd didn’t specifically die because of Ivar. After he learned of his father’s death, Sigurd was supposedly so upset that he mutilated himself to the bone using a knife.

Fans who support the Sigurd-is-alive theory argue that the axe that Ivar used on his brother was quite small to have caused such fatality. Some also believe that viewers of the show are going to see more of Blaeja in the upcoming episodes since the character had supposedly “highlighted” appearances in season 4.

Most fans, though, believe that Ragnar’s son is indeed a goner. After all, the fifth season’s first and only trailer shows his funeral. The show also inconspicuously built up Sigurd’s demise a number of times in the second half of last season.

“Vikings” season 5 returns later this year, although no cast member or showrunner has hinted on its possible air date. Stay connected with IBTimes Australia for more updates.

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