Katheryn Winnick plays Lagertha on ‘Vikings’ season 5
Katheryn Winnick plays Lagertha on ‘Vikings’ season 5. Facebook/Vikings

New “Vikings” season 5 details are now available. And although they’re not yet official or final, they’re certainly interesting, suggesting that one of the show’s fan favourites will only appear in a small number of episodes, which may indicate character death.

Spoiler alert: This article contains plot details about “Vikings” season 5. An official announcement has yet to be made regarding the air date of the season premiere. Episodes from the series’ previous seasons are available for Australian viewers to watch on SBS.

The IMDb pages of “Vikings” and its cast members seem to have been updated. The pages now include season 5 details, which are rather intriguing since they hint that a series old-timer will be appearing in only a handful of episodes.

Katheryn Winnick’s page shows that she will return as Lagertha next season, but in only three episodes. This is certainly surprising since the Canadian actress has previously posted photos of the episode 16 and 18 scripts on social media (see related story below), hinting that her character might stay on the show for a little longer. Lagertha is expected to meet her demise next season as the series shifts its focus on Ragnar’s sons.

Speaking of Ragnar, Travis Fimmel’s page doesn’t include season 5 listings, so it’s safe to say he won’t be making an appearance next season, unless, of course, the showrunners pull off some kind of flashback surprise. Aethelred, the son of King Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) and Queen Judith (Jennie Jacques), will be all grown up in season 5 and will be played by “Vikings” newcomer Darren Cahill. Alfred, who is likely to ascend the throne next season (read related story below), will also be portrayed by an older actor: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo.

‘Vikings’ season 5 IMDb info
‘Vikings’ season 5 listings on IMDb as of April 17, 2017. IBTimes AU/IMDb

Marco Ilsø, who plays the second son of Ragnar and Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), Hvitserk, is scheduled to turn up in eight “Vikings” season 5 episodes, and all in the first half. Retired WWE superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland is currently listed to appear as Ketill Flatnose in only three episodes while Clive Standen’s Rollo is booked to return for a couple of shows. Harald (Peter Franzén), who is gunning for Lagertha next season, is slated to show up in a questionable set of only season 5A instalments.

Another interesting thing to note is that all the main characters like Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and even Bishop Heamund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) are scheduled to appear in 19 episodes. The upcoming season has already been confirmed to consist of 20 total episodes, so it’s fairly intriguing why each of them is one instalment short. Then again, it’s still very early and some of the info will eventually be changed or updated. After all, none of the information shown on IMDb is deemed as final.

Official details regarding the upcoming season’s release have yet to revealed, but a good premiere date estimate would be November since the show averages nine months per intermission, including the season 4A and season 4B break. Stay connected with IBTimes Australia for more “Vikings” season 5 updates.


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