‘Vikings’ season 5 - Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick)
Katheryn Winnick play Lagertha on ‘Vikings’ season 5. History

There is a lot of concern among the fans about the death of Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) that may be featured in “Vikings” season 5. However, a new video that Winnick has shared online teases the possibility of the character living to a ripe old age.

Winnick first teased a picture of a new look for her character [see below]. Lagertha looks lost in the picture, which is understandable after the events in the first half of season 5. The character has white hair, but she still has flawless skin, which too will change in time on the show.

A new video that Winnick shared online [see below] shows her removing the prosthetics that were used to make her look older for the show. The actress revealed that it took three hours daily in the makeup chair to get the look right for her character, and she also thanked the Emmy nominated makeup team for helping her with her look.

The picture teases Lagertha will look older in the next half of the season, and she will later be seen as an even older woman. This suggests that the character will not die any time soon on the show.

The Seer (John Kavanagh) has predicted the death of Lagertha at the hands of one of Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) sons. However, the death may only happen after the former queen of Kattegat becomes a granny.

In her post, Winnick said that she can’t wait to show the new look of Lagertha to the fans. The actress, however, did not say if this behind-the-scenes video is from season 5 or season 6.

The mid-season premiere of “Vikings” season 5 is on Nov. 28. Filming of season 6 has also started, so the fans don’t have to wait too long for the show to return after the finale.

First peek at Lagertha’s new look..

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