Katheryn Winnick [right] as Lagertha in "Vikings" TV series on the History Channel. Vikings/ Facebook

There are a lot of great stories to look forward to in “Vikings” season 5B. Some of the characters have come a long way, and aged considerably on the show. Cast members Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) and Clive Standen (Rollo) commented on this aspect of their respective characters at the panel discussion at the San Diego Comic Con.

Commenting on playing Rollo, who is now in his sixties, Standen pointed out that generally TV shows cast another older actor to play aged characters, CinemaBlend reports. On “Vikings” Standen started by playing the character when he was 32, and he continues to play the now aged character.

A big part of the next season will be about the highly anticipated return of Rollo. Standen teased that things have changed for his character in this season. Rollo can no longer do the things that he could when he was younger. The character has to deal with the physical limitations of his body.

Ageing is a problem that even Lagertha will have to deal with. The inspiring character started her journey as a young farmer, and went on to become the queen of Kattegat. Winnick confessed that it is challenging to play an ageing character, especially as an actress because she has to face the fears of always looking good on screen. Winnick, however, embraced these fears and played an older Lagertha with dedication.

Winnick said that she spent three hours in the makeup chair every day before filming to get the prosthetics done. The prosthetics have been added to change Lagertha’s look. The actress hoped that the fans will enjoy what she and the team of the show have done with Lagertha.

A trailer of the next part of “Vikings” season 5 was also released at the San Diego Comic Con. The plot will slowly start to shift towards the Saxons, and King Alfred (Fredia Walsh-Peelo) storyline. The next part of the season will premiere on Nov. 28 on the History channel.

Credit: History/ YouTube