While History Channel's "Vikings" is still months away, a couple of images were uploaded on the official Instagram account of the TV series that led to fan speculation about what kind of drama Season 4 will have.

[Spoiler alert]

As seen in the last season, the fate of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) was left open to interpretation. Fans saw Ragnar leaving Paris on a longship to his homeland. The viking leader was much weakened, as a result of the long war.

A photo of Alexander Ludwig in costume of Bjorn and a behind the scenes video of Fimmel were uploaded in the official Instagram account of the hit TV. Just like Ragnar, Alexander's looks is far from his youth. The photo was first posted by Alexander with a caption that says "Back in action #Vikings."


#Repost @alexanderludwig with @repostapp. ・・・ Back in action #Vikings

A photo posted by Vikings on HISTORY (@historyvikings) on

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the TV show creator Michael Hirst revealed that the first few episodes of the next season will show Ragnar back home and the show will focus on the possibility of his death. But with Bjorn having a mature look, speculations arise whether he will be succeeding his father as the new king to lead his people by appointment or force.

Aside from being a new king, Bjorn will also have a new role as he becames a father. As a father, Bjorn may have a reason to fight.

The fourth season will also show Rollo as the husband of King Charles' daughter. It was shown on the last episode of season 3 that Rollo betrayed his brother Ragnar and agreed to the marriage. The possibility of Bjorn having a feud with Rollo might show on the next season as Bjorn is not very forgiving after what happened to his father.

Meanwhile, fans will certainly see Ragnar on the show again. The character will not be immediately removed in the series as he will have a new love interest with a Chinese slave, Yidu.

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