Victorian BMX rider files guilty plea to 193 child sex charges, including sex act with dog

Pedophile Sydney dance teacher gets 18 years jail term
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Fabian Roy Meharry
Meharry is known in the local BMX scenes because of his plans to set up a company which sells bike parts and accessories. YouTube/magicbmxfreestyle

Fabian Roy Meharry, a 27-year-old amateur BMX rider from Victoria, committed 193 child sex offences between 2007 and 2015. On Friday, he entered a single guilty plea to all the charges.

The charges include rape and bestiality when he forced a female child to perform a sex act with a dog, ABC reports. He committed the offences in several places in Melbourne and Victoria counties, including Fitzroy and Echuca where he is known in the local BMX scenes because of his plans to set up a company which sells bike parts and accessories.

Meharry is a registered sex offender since 2011 and has a number of charges or failing to report to police that he had been in contact with children, Theage reports.

Because of the accused cooperation in the case, Melbourne Magistrate Belinda Wallington says Fabian Roy Meharry – who uses a carriage service to groom girls below 16 years old for sexual activity – would get a lesser sentence. He would return to the County Court in December for arraignment before sentencing.

Grant Davies Grant Davies, a pedophile dance teacher, at his RG Dance Studio.  YouTube/Emma Hultgren

Meanwhile, Sydney Judge Jennie Girdham of the Downing Centre District Court sentenced 42-year-old Grant Davies, a pedophile dance teacher, to 18 years in jail for raping, sexually assaulting and exploiting students of his RG Dance Studio between 2001 and 2013.

His youngest victim was nine years old. Davies groomed and abused eight girls and a boy by ordering the students to wear G-strings to class, photographing them in explicit poses and sending them continuously sexual messages by text of MSN messenger, 9News reports.

Most of the time, the offences progressed to sexual acts done during private lessons at his home, on dance trips or in a vehicle. If the students ignored his sexual advances, Davies demotes them in their dance groups or bullies them.

An assessing psychiatrist says Davies has a strong attraction to children which he has little ability to control his sexual urges. Davies believes the children were partly responsible for what happened because they allegedly sent sexual signals to him. “I felt there was an emotional connection between me and them,” he told the psychiatrist after he was charged.

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