Valentine's Day Australia
Pedestrians walk past a display promoting Valentine's day shopping in Sydney's central business district (CBD) Australia, February 5, 2018. Picture taken February 5, 2018. Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Valentine’s Day is a big deal in Australia, according to a new survey. It is celebrated by 67 percent of Australians, with the country being the seventh most generous when it comes to spending for the commercial holiday.

E-commerce website Picodi surveyed over 5,600 people from 32 different countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day. For Australia, it has learnt that men shell out as much as $174 for gifts, while women spend half of that at $81.

And while flowers are commonly given to women, about 22 percent of men would be thrilled to receive flowers as well. Don’t give them teddy bears, though, as a fraction of them don’t think it’s cute.

Almost half of the women surveyed would love to be taken to a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner date. Flowers and jewellery come in at second and third place of the most desirable gifts they would want to receive. As for the least desirable gifts, avoid giving them cash, home appliance or sex toys.

For a country that largely celebrates the occasion, it still has more than a quarter percent of women who never received a gift on the day. Ten percent of men have also never received a Valentine’s gift.

Statistics on Valentine's Day in Australia - Infographic by Picodi
Statistics on Valentine's Day in Australia - Infographic by Picodi Picodi

Generous Australians on Valentine’s Day

Out of 32 countries in six continents around the world, Australia ranks the seventh most generous in terms of gift-giving. Hong Kong is the most generous, shelling out about $236 for gifts, while the Philippines is the least, spending only $38. Australian lovers spend an average of $128 on their gifts, with men spending more than half than women. According to the Picodi survey, this is because men generally try to impress women by spending more.

Flowers and chocolates are still among the most popular gifts around the world, but not more than a date in a restaurant and in the movies. Take a look at the infographic from the Picodi survey on Valentine’s Day gifts below:

How much lovers around the world spend on Valentine's Day
How much lovers around the world spend on Valentine's Day Picodi