China came up with yet another unique kind of destination and this one comes in the form of a bookstore but situated oddly in an underground car park.

Unlike the usual bookstore or library that has the chandeliers and elegant interior designs, the Librairie Avant-Garde has the yellow road stripes to lead the readers to the right path. Its 50-year-old owner, Qian Xiaohua got the space which measures 4,000 square meter in 1999 and used to be a car park for the government.

According to Qian, he chose the site to become a secondary resource of books for students attending Nanjing University. Even the cash counter of the shop is made up of books, CNN reports.

Qian's bookshop is not the first in the list of weird bookstores. There are lots of other interesting bookstores you can visit to please the book porn in you.

The Book Barge is found floating on the waterways of UK with just a speed of 4mph. Its owner Sarah Henshaw believes in the relaxing concept of a less hurried life, where you can sip tea and enjoy a simple book you like.

The John King bookstore is located inside a glove factory that dates back to the 1940s. It is made up of five stories of book shelf mazes with maps that are hand-drawn and some of the original signage of the factory is still found. It houses the rarest and second hand books you have been trying to search for all your life.

You may never get to imagine stumbling upon a medieval villa turned into a bookstore in the middle of rural Spain, but there is really one called the La Villa del Libro. It is actually a museum too that houses rare books which catch the attention of many book fanatics around the world.

(Video Credit: YouTube/uruenavilladellibro)

The Poplar bookstore is designed best for kids with all of its rainbow colours everywhere and even holes to hide in while reading. It's like one huge environment of Dr Seuss.

OHWOW in Greenwich Village is not just a bookshop but a gallery that features various art pieces too and publishes books as well. It's owned by Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran.

Which of these odd bookshops is your favourite?