'Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3' guide: Tips and tricks on how to play on PC for beginners
In-game screenshot of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 cutscene. Steam/Steampowered.com

“Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3” has come from a long line of versus games that need button sequences in order to perform attacks. Listed below are the basic attacks that a beginner player will encounter during the game.

This beginner's guide will tackle the general overlay of most of the game’s character moves. There will be a few characters that have basic moves different from the general sequences, particularly when it comes to their Special (S) attack.

Basic attacks

Basic Attacks are the so-called building blocks of every attack a player can ever execute in the game. The most basic attack would normally be a fast, low damaging attack with short range. This is called the Light (L) attack.

The Medium (M) attacks are those that are slightly slower that the L attack. But this attack will have more damage as compared to the previous one. It will also have an increased range over the L attack.

The third basic attack is called the Heavy (H) attack. This attack has the longest range among all the basic attacks. This attack will also deal the most damage and will stun its target. But it will also be the slowest attack of them all.

Special (S) attacks, as mentioned above, differ from one character to another. In general, the attack is usually slow but has a large range of hit similar to the H attack.

In addition, most characters that will be in their standing or crouching S attack will launch the opponent into the air. This will allow the player to perform multiple air combos on their target. This attack is sometimes called a Universal Launcher.

Aerial combos

As previously mentioned, if a player happens to hit the target while on a standing or crouching S attack, it will give the gamer a chance for an aerial combo. Its general command is as follows: press forward, then backward or down and finally the S attack. This will cause the player’s character to perform an Aerial Exchange.

The Aerial Exchange will quickly tag one of the player's other chosen character while in midair. This will also allow the continuity and extension of the aerial combo attack. This is an extremely useful and the safest way to change characters.

In addition, the continuous aerial attacks will build an extremely large amount of Hyper Meter. This can be done by pressing the down button and S attack, which will give a full bar of Hyper Meter. Pressing left or right builds a lesser meter but gives off additional damage. If players would opt to use the S attack with no directional input on an airborne opponent, it will slam the target into the ground.

Regular combos

Players should take note that the game is based almost entirely around combos especially combos that will involve more than just your active character. The goal for each battle is to create a continuous combo attack that will prevent the target from blocking it.

This can be obtainable since the S attack will cause the enemy to be stunned. Stunning will be signaled by a game animation where the opponent wobbles or winces after being hit. Any attacks consecutively executed together within this period, including assist attacks from the team’s secondary characters, are considered combos.

The basic combo in general is L L M H S. This combo will work with almost all characters in the game. But take note that it will differ once more complex and advanced combos are to be executed as explained through the GamesRadar website.

These are the basic must-know controls for beginners who would want to play “Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.” Players can use these general controls and experiment with them to learn new moves and combos.