UFO Sightings Reported Over the Weekend: The truth is still out there [VIDEOS]

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UFO sightings are reported quite frequently in any given week, but confirmations are scarce. But if it does no harm to anyone, why kill the curiosity? The truth is (still) out there, as fans of X-Files would say. What readers can do is simply take each UFO report, video, and blog entry with a grain of salt.

Here are three of the UFO sighting videos reported over the weekend.

UFO Sighting: East Field, Wiltshire

This video was taken quite a while ago, but reported only recently at realufos.net.

The sighting was "witnessed at night over a canola field at East Field, Wiltshire using night vision googles."

Those who go deliberately watching for UFOs think of creative ways to film sightings. Some use infrared, and some try night vision goggles, apparently. See the difference for yourself.

UFO Sighting: New York

This video was taken quite a while ago, but reported only recently at realufos.net.

This video uploader reported seeing not one, but five UFOs flying over their home. Could the sighting or "special visit" have anything to do with the occasion?

The video uploader remarked:

"It was my mothers birthday roughly around 945 pm and my sister came running inside on her way out to tell us 5 ufos were flying over our home...when i ran out i saw 5 giant orange orbs slowly moving east across the sky!!! Completely in shock i took one still picture..."

UFO Sighting: All the way to the sun?

Some report videos hovering on fields, some over homes, and there are others who spot unusual flying objects in NASA photos of the sun.

This report from ufosightingsdaily.com includes a video of some SOHO/NASA photos of the sun. Look closely at the photos. Can you spot the strange objects?

Web site owner Scott Waring wrote, "(If) there were only one or two UFO you might be amazed, but with dozens of them how does this leave you feeling?

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