Over 1,200 Australians have gone to see Perth therapist Mary Rodwell over claims of UFO sightings and E.T. encounters. Meanwhile, a man from Caboolture has been spooked by multiple sightings of strange flying objects near his home.

Perth's UFO Abductee Contactee Support Group, under the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, has attended to more than 1,200 Aussies in 20 years. Awakening author Mary Rodwell founded the organisation, which by itself is a statement about the Aussies' interest in X-Files.

In a report by The Australian, Ms Rodwell launched her support group in Perth after helping out a patient who claimed he was contacted by aliens. It happened 2 decades ago. She had been offering her assistance for free or in exchange for donations since then.

Ms Rodwell, 65, is a member of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists. She said many abductees had claimed "going up on a spacecraft."

"It's all very X-Files but the truth is we live in a universe of billions of stars and it's very unlikely that we're the only life," Ms Rodwell told The Australian. The book author hinted many abductees were children.

Ms Rodwell will be in Perth in June to speak at a forum related to an upcoming play called Alienation, in collaboration with Perth Theatre Company.

Meanwhile, in Caboolture, Josh Philip from Broadway Court has claimed that he saw two UFOs in January. Mr Philip said he saw the first UFO near his home on Jan 5. The second UFO showed on Jan 30, hovering over Toohey Street.

The UFO Research Queensland has heard Mr Philip's report. However, the group's president, Sheryl Gottschall, said witnesses and photos were needed to accompany sighting reports.

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