UFO Infrared Sighting: Melbourne Man Films Strange Flying Objects Not Visible to Naked Eye [VIDEO]

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A man from Melbourne has recently uploaded a video clip of his UFO sighting using an infrared camera. The film reveals an eerie show of lights not visible to the naked eye.

The clip states in its introduction that the sighting was captured in Melbourne, Australia on November 11 (Sunday) around noon time. Asked for the particular location, the video uploader reveals he took the video at Moonee Ponds.

The clip is titled, "UFO - '''SKY ARMADA'' Fleet - Yes, '''SKY ARMADA''' - Daylight IR - Australia. 11.11" It says in the intro: "5 groups of 'objects' same direction approx 10 minutes apart."

In describing his video clip, Lou says:

"One of the most amazing sights I have ever recorded. Objects not visible to naked eye."

"'Invasion' may be the wrong title, but that's what I felt. I hope they are benevolent."

UFO strange lights filmed: Erratic movement

What the video shows is a strange formation of hovering lights, among others. The lights come in groups, without a particular motion pattern. At least one frame features countless lights moving rather slowly relative to the others. The sight brings to mind an 80s space game where the computer blasts the oncoming lights before it creates any damage.

One video commenter said:

"(T)here's many more than 2 lights in this video:) I counted 32 of them and may have missed a couple along the way because most of them are moving so fast. Please watch the video carefully again...this guy is the real deal."

"Ty Lou ... I film wild things daily also ... not the things you have but I am open to what you have seen," another viewer commented.

UFOs in infrared: What can't the naked eyes see?

It is understood this is not the first time Lou has fixed an infrared video camera in the skies.

"When I first started, I use to get a few captures per week, then everday, now multiple captures in one day. Whatever 'they' are, there are lots of them - all over the world," he writes in the comments section.

"Invisible" UFOs: What are these unidentified flying objects visible only in IR? [Watch the video here, or play the media below.]

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