UFO, Alien Relic? 300-Million-Year-Old Aluminum Artifact Discovered in Russia [PHOTO]

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A metal detail found by a man in Russia has reportedly been studied and found to be 300 million years old. Findings prompted speculations that the relic could have been left behind by a UFO or some aliens who visited the Earth those many years ago.

The Voice of Russia reported a man from the Russian city of Vladivostok found a metal detail stuck to a piece of coal. The object comes in a "distinctive shape which was reminiscent of a modern tooth-wheel."

The man was lighting fire to heat his home when he spotted the odd object. Without naming the man, the 'Voice' reported he sought the help of "scientists of Primorye region" to study his find. The scientists reportedly said the object was man-made and it was supposedly 300 million years old.

The technology to craft the metal detail found by the man did not exist on Earth at the time of its supposed manufacture. The material found in the object, particularly the 2 per cent magnesium, prompted speculations that the object could not have been of Earthly origin.

In another report from Beforeitsnews.com, the object has been subjected to X-ray diffraction analysis to study its components. Results showed the object is made of "very pure aluminum with microimpurities of magnesium of only 2 - 4 percent."

Igor Okunev, a senior fellow at the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics, is the scientist who reportedly confirmed the age of the metal detail. The accompanying photo appears on joy4mind.com, a news curation web site that reports paranormal finds.

'Alien' Relic? 300-Million-Year-Old Aluminum Artifact Discovered in Russia (Image: joy4mind.com)

"No more than seven centimeters long, the object was found to be composed of 98 percent aluminum and 2 per cent magnesium. On the one hand, such an alloy stalled the scientists because nearly pure aluminum is very rarely found in nature," reads The Voice of Russia report.

"After the discovery came public, conspirators were quick to dub it 'a UFO tooth-wheel.' Russian scientists, however, do not jump to conclusions and will run further tests to learn more about the strange artifact," the 'Voice' report says.

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