Toxicologist confirms minors who attended CloseUp Summer Forever positive for Ecstasy, marijuana and meth

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Closeup Forever Summer 2
The youth admitted ingesting the three illegal drugs during the May 21 concert at the SM Mall of Asia. Facebook/Julian Jordan

It is not just Ecstasy that some minors who took part in Saturday’s CloseUp Summer Forever outdoor concert took. A toxicologist who examined 12- to 15-year-old concert attendees confirms the presence of two other illegal substances.

Dr Wency Kiat of St Luke’s Medical Center says the young patients also tested positive for marijuana and shabu or methamphetamine, reports ABS-CBN. The parents of the kids brought them to the hospital after noticing the children’s difficulty in sleeping and being absent-minded.

The youth admitted ingesting the three illegal drugs during the May 21 concert at the SM Mall of Asia. They purchased the drugs for 1,000 pesos (AUD$30) and were instructed to take only half of the capsule.

Kiat explains that those who took marijuana had red eyes, which explains why those who attended the concert observed many young people had dark shades even if the event was held at night. They are often absent-minded.

Shabu-takers stay awake for days and then sleep also for day. Meth causes them to lose appetite, resulting in extreme weight loss, says Kiat.

Meanwhile, the organiser of the ill-fated event submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation on Thursday its security plan. The plan says more than 400 security officers were deployed, including policemen, and six sniffer dogs, reports GMA.

There were 250 bouncers inside the concert grounds where 14,000 people converged. Security personnel of the mall also assisted in securing the event. Half of the six K-9 were deployed to detect bombs and the other half drugs.

Besides being able to sneak in Ecstasy, some of the attendees share that illegal drugs were also being sold during the concert, despite the security measures put in place by the organisers.

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