Jack Ryan
A poster of Amazon TV series Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan." Jack Ryan/ Facebook

The first trailer of Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” has been released online. The video shows the protagonist, a CIA analyst, forced to go into the field. Facing bombs and guns, the hero will have to navigate his way in dangerous territory in Yemen.

Jack Ryan is a popular character in Hollywood. Fans have already seen this character from Clancy’s novels being portrayed by Alec Baldwin in “Hunt for Red October,” Ben Affleck in “The Sum of All Fears,” Harrison Ford in “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger,” and Chris Pine in “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.”

Now, John Krasinski has taken on this titular role for an Amazon TV series. The plot starts with Jack enjoying his life as an analyst. Not even his close friends and relatives know about his real job working with the CIA. Then, one day a helicopter drops in on a party he attends, and men whisk him away. He is needed to help neutralise a terrorist threat.

Jack Ryan is a reluctant hero, but when James Greer (Wendell Pierce), who appears to be his boss in the CIA, tells him to get on a plane; he doesn’t have a choice. Jack has pieced together a chain of evidence that points to an imminent strike against the US. According to the plot synopsis, Jack will uncover a pattern in terrorist communication, and he will be tasked with stopping a major attack.

In Yemen, Jack will have to interrogate people, fight, and find out what the terrorists are up to. The terrorists will succeed in the first phase of their plan, which unfolds in Paris, but that is only the beginning.

Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” will premiere on Aug. 31 on Amazon Prime. The show has already been renewed for the second season, the plot of which will focus on a failing democratic country in South America.

Credit: Prime Video/ YouTube