A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

There’s no looking back in “Suits” season 8. A promo video released online shows Harvey (Gabriel Macht) struggling to come to terms with the exit of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Donna (Sarah Rafferty) will help the managing partner to deal with it, and get his head into the game again.

Mike will not be coming back, at least in this season. He and Rachel (Meghan Markle) got an opportunity to run a firm in Seattle, and the couple took it. A preview video of the next season posted on YouTube shows Harvey missing his friend, but there’s no time for that. Things are going to get intense, and Donna will try and make sure Harvey brings his A game to the table.

The big question the preview answers is the name of the firm. Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) gets what he wanted, with his name at the front. The firm’s new name is Zane, Spectre and Litt. But, there will be fires to put out with egos clashing.

Alex Williams (Dulé Hill), who is a new addition to the firm, will feel underappreciated. He sees himself as Harvey’s equal, and there will be some trouble with this for the two characters.

There is another new lawyer in the firm who will cause more problems. Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) will muscle her way into the firm, and she will step on a few toes as soon as she enters. All these troubles will make Robert wonder what he has gotten himself into by joining this new firm.

Then, there is the constant problem with Louis (Rick Hoffman). As usual, the character will be fighting for respect, and when he doesn’t get it from either Harvey or Robert he will take a stand to prove a point.

“Suits” season 8 will air on July 18.