A poster of the film "Terminator Genisys" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger . Terminator Genisys/ Facebook

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be 70 years old, but there’s no stopping this action star from heading into another “grinding” production schedule for “Terminator 6.” The actor has been pumping iron every day in preparation for the film, and in a recent interview, he said he’s ready for more action.

Schwarzenegger is keenly aware that there will be a lot of night shoots and “craziness” when he starts filming “Terminator 6.” In an interview with The Arnold Fans, the actor said that action movies are tough to do, especially since they have to do a lot of running and stunts that often result in injuries. However, he felt that the more challenging the shoot is, the better the film will look on screen.

One question that people always ask Schwarzenegger involves his age. The actor is 70, and some wonder how he can still do these stunts for movies. The actor is confident with these stunts because he has been training every day and is in good physical shape.

The training, Schwarzenegger said, gives him the advantage of going through the “grind” of filming. He said that his workouts allow him to do the work on set the way he used to when he was 30 years old. The actor added that when people ask him why he trains every day, he tells them it’s because he wants to be “ready for the action!”

“Terminator 6” is a reboot slated to be released in 2019. The movie will be directed by Tim Miller; the title of the film is yet to be announced. Apart from Schwarzenegger, the only other conformed cast member as of writing is Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor).